A past client of mine wrote an article about her experiences with some past life regression we did together. You can read it here.

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Past Life Hypnosis and Past Life Regression with Dana

Hypnosis and Past Life Hypnosis

Hypnosis is defined in many ways, but some people describe it as a state of focused attention, or an altered state of consciousness. I perceive hypnosis as a state of focused attention in which the recipient has total control over the hypnosis session.

What does total control mean?

It means that the individual decides whether or not they go into a state of focused attention. It means that the individual decides how long they stay in that state, whether they are open to receiving the suggestions that the hypnotherapist gives, or altering them somewhat or ignoring them.

A person under hypnosis will not accept anything the hypnotist suggests that is against their own belief system, morality, upbringing, etc.

I received training in hypnosis in Akron, Ohio, from the Ohio Institute of Medical Hypnosis, run by Dr. Daniel Zelling. I have used self-hypnosis for help in a variety of stressful events.

The messages we have received throughout our lives have influenced our belief system and many of those are positive beliefs. In some situations we have believed some that are not healthy for us and hypnosis may aid the individual in discovering those and being able to change them to benefit ourselves.

Past Life Regression (PLR) Using Hypnosis

In a remarkable book by Karyn K. Mitchell, she talks about the twelve sacred truths. One of them is: Our Past Lives Define Our Present Life. "We will understand who we are when we remember who we were." Hypnosis has aided me and many others in remembering who they were and helping them to know who they are now and why.

Reincarnation has been talked about by many spiritualists, and is even mentioned in some older versions of the Bible. I believe in reincarnation but am respectful of differing beliefs and work with individuals for their goals and what they believe.

Past life regression hypnosis is excellent for accessing the Akashic Records. The Akasha is considered to hold all information about every human being. Accessing that information enhances the individual to understand how we became as we are. Those truths are held in the Akashic Records.

I am experienced in aiding individuals with past life regression hypnosis and I use it on myself. I offer hypnosis sessions, as well as Reiki treatments and attunements, in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio Area.

"Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind." ~William James

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* The information and services extended at this site are not meant to replace medical treatment, though they often act as a wonderful complement to it. I approach healing from a holistic viewpoint. I believe that physical dis-ease is preceded by spiritual, emotional or mental imbalance. I advocate that true healing includes looking at health care from a spiritual as well as physical/medical viewpoint.