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Spiritual Counseling with Dana

Spiritual Energy Counseling

This is not traditional psychotherapy, individual therapy or religious counseling. This is about your Soul, your Spirit, your relationship to The Source. The counseling offered here includes a variety of healing techniques, to help you identify your true self, (your Higher Self), and identify things about your Spirit and your life purpose. As the Spiritual Counselor I am not the healer. Rather, I am the person aiding you to address some questions you may have about yourself and your spiritual path.

Some of these questions might include:

  • Do you feel balanced?
  • Are you content with your current station in life?
  • Are you wishing or creating?
  • Are you a victim and a complainer, or a survivor who loves yourself unconditionally?
  • Do you have challenges or trials?

Do you have a desire to:

  • Look within yourself - go within to explore your Higher Self?
  • Learn to truly love yourself as a step towards loving all?
  • Let go of judgement and promote acceptance of yourself within, as well as outside of you?
  • Reduce or eliminate negative and limiting beliefs?
  • Find your truths and be truthful to your own self?
  • Answer questions within you, with the aid of your Source?

These things can be achieved through hypnosis, meditation, healing sessions with Reiki Treatments and/or, Reiki Attunements, Crystal therapy, Aromatherapy and learning to breathe appropriately. Most importantly, by learning to Love Yourself, for Love is truly the Greatest Healer of all!

"Dis-ease cannot live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state." - Bob Proctor

*Any contact with me will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and privacy, whether it be in person, through email or on the phone.

* The information and services extended at this site are not meant to replace medical treatment, though they often act as a wonderful complement to it. I approach healing from a holistic viewpoint and I believe that physical dis-ease is preceded by spiritual, emotional or mental imbalance. I advocate that true healing includes looking at health care from a spiritual as well as physical/medical viewpoint.