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Past Lives and why Regress to them?

June 20, 2013dghardy No Comments »

So often this question is asked of me by individuals that are searching within themselves. Past lives hold information about what our purpose in this lifetime may be about. Like why am I drawn to certain types of work. Why do I prefer being with certain types of people, even though some of them are […]

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Pre Life Meeting

April 5, 2011dghardy 8 Comments »

Each and every time BEFORE our Spirit enters a physical body and subsequent lifetime, we have a meeting across the veil with our Soul Family and Soul Group. During that meeting we discuss attributes, unresolved conflicts, repressed emotions, etc., that we wish to resolve and release from our cell memories so we can evolve more […]

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Past Life Regression Hypnosis

February 6, 2010dghardy 1 Comment »

Do similar things keep happening to or around you no matter how you try to stop or change something?  Have you tried unsuccessfully to gain control of a behavioral addiction ? (Such as over eating, drinking, biting your fingernails, obsessive compulsive type behaviors, smoking, marrying-divorcing-marrying and still unhappy?) Do you notice a particular strong relationship […]

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