Pre Life Meeting

April 5, 2011dghardy 8 Comments »

Each and every time BEFORE our Spirit enters a physical body and subsequent lifetime, we have a meeting across the veil with our Soul Family and Soul Group.

During that meeting we discuss attributes, unresolved conflicts, repressed emotions, etc., that we wish to resolve and release from our cell memories so we can evolve more spiritually.

Many plans are created in order to help us complete this desired mission. These plans are created across the veil before we enter into the physical state. We are seldom consciously aware of these plans. The primary reason for that is because the effect of the learning experience is negatively effected if we know.

Therefore, bless all of your experiences; even those you deem negative. As they are very likely learning experiences to help you evolve spiritually.

Blessings, Dana G. Hardy, MS, R M/T
copywrite 2011

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