Past Life Regression Hypnosis

February 12, 2011dghardy 3 Comments »

Do you keep repeating patterns of behavior in this lifetime that keep you stuck, or are dysfunctional?

Are you effected frequently….more than you wish ….by issues that bring a negative or dark energy surrounding you.  Like feelings of depression, or anxiety, and you do not know why.  Reagrdless of what you try to change nothing seems to reduce these issues?

It is VERY possible these issues are stored in cell memories from past lives that we carry with us to future AND present lives until we resolve the issues.

How can we resolve them….  Past life regression hypnosis is a credible and much quicker than traditional means of dealing with  types of issues.

Give me a call or contact me via email at 440-596-9044    We can set up an appointment to help  you resolve these issues and let them go.
Dana Hardy, MS, Reiki M/T Hypnotherapist PLR

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