White Light of Protection

January 30, 2011dghardy 7 Comments »

As human beings it is difficult many times throughout the day to deal with stressful events, drama situations, and others’ energies. To help bring protection for ourselves it is important to (a) be grounded …see article in this blog and (b) ask Spiritually Evolved Being to surround us with the White Light Protection.

Some people ask Mother Mary to help surround us with the White Light of Protection, some will ask an ArchAngel such as Michael, or Gabriel, or some will ask Buddha to surround us with the White Light Protection.

Imagine your self walking in to a lifesize white egg….that has the center cut of out it which your physical body fits nicely into. Ask your Spiritual Being (e.g., Mother Mary, ArchAngel Michael, Buddha) to surround you with the White Light of Protection. Ask that White Light to stay with you and not allow any dark energy to come into your energy field.

To respect all energies it is okay to tell the dark energy that later you will talk with them under certain circumstances. But for now only Light energies will be allowed in your Aura and/or Field of Energy.

I always ask to be surrounded by the White Light of Protection whenever I leave my home, or am dealing with or addressing a difficult situation. I also ask that I “Bring harm to No Thing,” and “No Thing bring harm to me.”

We live in a stressful world at times, but via grounding and surrounding ourselves with this protection energy we are better able to be in control and feel calmer and more at peace.

Loving Peace to All,
Rev. Dana Hardy,
Copywrite @ 2011

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