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People ask what is Reiki? Reiki is a Universal Life Energy that helps to bring balance to your Chakras, which effect how your energy flow and what energy you attract. I was attuned to Reiki I in 1999 and have sense received my Reiki Master Teacher level. Does that mean I am an expert. No; there are no experts in Reiki, but it means that I can give Reiki attunements.

I recall when I received my Reiki II level, it was such a wonderful experience. I felt like I had ‘come home’. A few days later during my self treatment, the thought came to me that I hoped that someday I could attune many people to Reiki because they can do their own self treatments then. Which then creates a domino effect in our family, community, world. As each of us become healthier, hence does the family, community, and world.

Seriously consider investigating about Reiki energy. It is wonderful.

Dana G Hardy, MS ReikiM/T

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