Hypnosis to Contact Your Inner Self and Guide

January 3, 2011dghardy 2 Comments »

Today I was working with a client to help her reach her inner self and guide. The experience was so amazing!! During the hypnosis session she visualized a specific animal. Afterwards, I suggested we google this animal to see if it could be a animal totem for her. It was!!!!

The animal was closely tied to a life belief in Budhism, as well as Native American. We were both amazed because neither of us would have associated the two could be so spiritually connected. So a great lesson was taught to us in drawing lines between cultural belief systems.

How often do each of us draw boundaries in our lives, that limit us? I know for myself….too often, but much less than I used to as I have connected with my Inner Self for Guidance.

Blessings to all!!!

Rev. Dana G. Hardy

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