Know Who You Are ?

May 1, 2010dghardy 3 Comments »

It is a common theme to hear, I wonder who I really am? I wonder what my purpose is in this lifetime? Does reincarnation exist? Why do the same things keep happening over and over to me….just a different location or with different people.  Or sometimes repeating the same dysfunctional behavior and outcome with the same people or similar people. 

Have you seriously explored your soul’s life plan  as Robert Schwartz describes it or your Sacred Contracts as Caroline Myss shares it with us?  If you take the time in deep meditation, or deep hypnosis it is possible to access what you, your soul group, and your soul family agreed upon with your angels, guides, and guardians to resolve and how to resolve them in your present life time. 

To have this understanding reduces significantly your tendency to be judgemental, to be a victim, and to be unaware. 

Contact someone who can help you in this endeavour in your current life.

Rev. Dana G. Hardy, MS

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