Past Life Karma

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Every time she saw him, she felt physically uncomfortable.  Her skin would shiver and feel scratchy, sometimes breathing would be difficult, so  she would cough to open up the breathing pathway to her lungs. If ever in a social setting with this individual, Jane realized a strong desire to sit opposite or as far away as possible. To think about sitting with her back towards him sent shivers down her spine.

She was living in Oregon; was a Social Worker, and he was an Attorney. Jane loved her work as a Social Worker in trying to help families become healthier and reduce neglect and abuse to the children. Most of the time that man, the attorney, represented family members of some of her clients; so what bothered her about him wasn’t necessarily the type work he did.  Because she did believe in the Constitution, she was glad everyone was able to have an attorney to represent them too, even if they were charged with crimes against children or women. 

It was something she could not identify; something she had such difficulty grasping an understanding of as to why she had this consistent pattern of negativity in his presence.  And sometimes if someone just mentioned his name, she felt negative energy about him.

Jane acknowledged being ashamed to say,that she was delighted on a few occasions when she and this attorney would get in a discussion about law, judgment, and equal justice and she out witted him with her words.

She  knew she had tripped him up as he would stop talking and glare at her with a puzzled look on his face. Why was he puzzled? Jane felt it was because she was a social worker with an average IQ and he was an Attorney and a genius IQ.

One day they saw each other in a nice resturant and he stopped by the table where Jane was sitting with friends.  He was accompanied by his wife and step son who waited patiently while he talked and talked.  

He told Jane about the State Court passing a law that prohibited social workers from testifying in court as to professional opinions in child abuse cases. Jane said that did not surprise her and he naturally asked why.  Her response, which Jane says she believes to this day, is that most legislatures are defensive attorneys. They were always trying to get laws passed to make it easier in court hearings for their clients whom would be charged with offenses against others, including spouses, partners, and children.

Jane said his mouth dropped open, and he remarked that he was surprised  that she  would feel that prejudice against a certain profession. Jane laughed and replied it was not prejudice it was fact.  She also added that when he could prove to her otherwise – that there was not vested interest for defense attorneys in that new case law she would be happy to discuss it with him. At that point his wife rescued him by changing the subject, and within a minute they left the resturant.

One of Jane’s friends reflected that she appeared to be intent on ‘winning’ a discussion with him. Jane told me that subconsciously she knew this but even to herself it was difficult to acknowleged it in a open manner. To argue or debate with others was atypical for Jane; but not this individual.

 On the way home that evening Jane stated she kept replaying the conversation between her and the Attorney over and over again.  That night, she had several dreams, but one that follows is what may be referred to as lucid dream.

In that dream an adult female figure with her hands tied behind her back, wearing a black and white cotton dress and head cover, was standing up in a wooden wagon with wooden wheels. The wagon was being pulled with a pair of white and brown oxen on a dirt road. There were people on the sides of the road. Some were quiet, some yelling and screaming obscentities, and some throwing things at the woman in the wagon.

The wagon stopped at the edge of large base of water that appeared to be rather murky in appearance.  Standing on the land right at the edge of the water, is a tall burly man with a mustache, and he is holding what appears to be a prayer book.  He is holding the prayer book in his left hand and with his right hand he is pointing and yelling at the female in the wagon.  Then there is a prayer.  I (Jane in her dream) couldn’t make out the words that were being yelled or prayed on, because of crowd reactions. 

Then slowly the wagon is dis-engaged from the oxen.  Four men come up and take hold of the tongue of the wagon, and beginning pulling it forward into the water.  Then two of the men jump on the bed of the wagon and begin to tie a rope around both feet of the woman in the wagon with her hands bound.  Then all the sudden the woman is in the water.  I (Jane) can see her; she is struggling with her shoulders, trying to get out of the rope tied around her hands but the rock that is tied around the rope at her feet keeps pulling her down further, and even further in the water. I could sense her feeling of terror as water went in through her mouth and nasal passage even though she was trying hard not to enhale.  Then I saw her body turn and go flat in the water; I think she was dead.  I sat up immediately in bed, broken out in a night sweat and my pulse was rapid.

Jane described this dream to me several times.  I asked her if she saw anyone there that looked  familiar to her at this date and time.  She began to tremble and stated, “The woman was me!!!’  “I was being drowned because the man dressed in black with the prayer book said I was a witch.!”   As that connection came fully to Jane, she then stated, “And the man in black is ———- ———– the attorney!” 

Jane began to shiver and kept shaking her head in a no manner such as to say no no no.  I was able to help her do some relaxation techniques which helped to calm her. 

Obviously there were connections for Jane with that individual in that past life and this life. 

 She is now working on becoming aware of the issues that are unresolved in her cell memories associated with him and that past life.  A major one she has resolved is her fear of putting her head below water, as well as fear of letting the shower water hit her in the face.  She knows now where the origin of those two fears were. 

The position of authority the man dressed in black had towards her in that past life is somewhat similar in this life, but not just with Jane, with those individuals that he perceives as different from him and/or not as intelligent as him. 

Jane has purposefully put distance in working directly or indirectly with that individual because she does not want to cloud her perception until she feels confident she has resolved the cell memories of that lifetime where their lives crossed.  She is indeed an very ethical Social Worker.  But most of all is a good example for all of us on things to do to clear cell memories and not allow those cell memories to interfere in current decision making, and functioning in a spiritual manner.   

Dana G. Hardy    

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