The Change of Seasons

October 22, 2013dghardy No Comments »

I live in NE Ohio. I have been blessed to live in several parts of the United States in this lifetime and will always remember how I missed not living in the Fall Time when I lived in Carlsbad CA.

The season currently is Fall–Autumn….pre winter….whatever you wish to call it. But it is colorful. It is filled with change and joy.

I observe some of the animals taking time to leave this space and go to warmer areas such as many birds. I am blessed to watch some animals such as the squirrels and chipmunks storing up food for the winter.

The sun and the moon — times they are apparent are different.

Is change a challenge for you? It is for many people. But change ….if we allow it…can bring growth.

May you all experience the change and accept the growth.

Love and Light,

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