The Mental Word

October 4, 2013dghardy No Comments »

So often we act on a thought with out even realizing we are reacting vs responding.

So what is the difference between reacting and responding.  Responding is when we are in control of our emotions and aware of our thought patterns to the best of our ability.  We all have subconscious and unconscious thoughts and memories that we respond to.  But also react to.

Reacting is when we allow our emotions to take control of our thoughts, perceptions, and belief patterns.  And then we react without being patient, taking time to understand the situation.  And we usually regret what we react to.

The mental word is the mental thought.

It is something we have in our made based on experiences, learned behaviors, and observations while we judge those observations.  Be cautious how you process the mental word.

Take time, breathe, take a walk, listen to some soothing and relaxing music.

Love and Light,

Dana G Hardy MS, Reiki M/T

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