Paula Deen Controversary

June 28, 2013dghardy No Comments »

In the past few days there has been a great deal of pro and con reference Paula Deen.

If you read my posts here, you know that I am firm believer in All is in Divine Order. Paula is a very sweet lady…and a very hard worker….and came up from being poor to being a multi-millionaire. She has stated…”I WORRY about loosing my money.” So it is happening. Her thought processes have created that reality. She is loosing a great deal of her potential income.

Hopefully though she has put some of her millions in savings. Hopefully though….she will get into personal therapy and address the fears she has, and why she is truly making degrading comments.

I have viewed on Facebook pro and con statements about her. The majority of the ones that are pro…are from the South.

Oh my gosh….I used to live in the South…for many many years. What does that say about some Southerners…..

I do not dislike Paula…but I do dislike her approach to people that are ‘different’ than her. I honestly believe she does not realize how her words are affecting some people.

Paula…if by some miracle you reaD THIS…..please no more TV interviews…and get personal therapy.

Love and Light,
Dana Hardy
Copy write 2013

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