Past Lives and why Regress to them?

June 20, 2013dghardy No Comments »

So often this question is asked of me by individuals that are searching within themselves.

Past lives hold information about what our purpose in this lifetime may be about. Like why am I drawn to certain types of work. Why do I prefer being with certain types of people, even though some of them are not healthy for me. Why do I have a fear about falling, a fear about heights, a fear of water, have problems breathing….and these fears can go on and on. But are almost always answered during a past life regression session.

If I get a past life regression, will I be able to find the answers I want? Not always. It depends upon your spiritual teachers, spiritual guides, and guardian angles decide are ready and able to address in your current state of your current life.

If you are wondering about a Past Life Regression (PLR)…..reach out and access someone near you and make an appointment. It can be so rewarding to you.

Love & Light,

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