the Cleveland Captives

May 16, 2013dghardy No Comments »

I was astonished last night to hear on local TV news that the attorney for Mr. Castro states he is not a monster, and will be giving a plea of not guilty. I have no doubt IF they are listening to the news….which I truly hope they are not, that Amanda, Gina, and Michelle have some strong input to that statement.

It goes thru my mind….and my heart….does money buy not guility? OJ Simpson paid mega dollars to his team of attorneys. The young lady in Az has been found guilty but her two attorneys have reaped 1.3 million dollars from Az to defend her. Is this what is going to happen to this defense team?

How do you feel about this?

I know each victim is better off to reach forgiveness …not for the offender….that is up to them to seek forgiveness….but for the peace they so finally deserve in and for themselves.

I live in the Greater Cleveland area….so this happening has touched me deeply. Because it is my home area. But friends….we are all living in areas that have situations like this.

I am sad for these young ladies and the torture they have MOST DEFINITELY gone thru. I send them love every morning in my prayers.

I also send prayers to the thousands and thousands of individuals who are still missing.

Dana G Hardy
Copywrite 2013

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