Newtown, Congress, and NRA

April 10, 2013dghardy No Comments »

How do we as Citizens reconcile ones desire to own a gun for safety, or hunting to feed our family with the need to keep guns out of the hands of one whom is for whatever reason out of control of themself.  Limit …  reduce their access to guns.  And that means our loved ones.  Would you, knowing your young adult, or even child had ‘issues” allow them access to a gun.  Adam’s Mother had to know his struggles in life.  But yet, she gave him a gift certificate to purchase fire arm for his Christmas gift from her.  That gift contributed to the loss of 27 lives….her’s included.

We as human beings can help all the world by being more involved in those that trust and look up to us.  Role model loving behaviors.  Someone in my family whom I love dearly has a problem with lying.  They learned it well from their father.  What I role model is the essential nature of being truthful and why.  Have I lied.  YES…Do I reget it…oh my gosh bigtime regret.

THE NRA is very biased in their approach… Congress….they are looking at the DOLLAR.  Not what is best for our World.

I support totally any behavior that enhances love, sharing, giving, and no greed.




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