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I had taped a Sunday show by Oprah because she was talking about being Spiritual. At the beginning of the show….a young man, about 8 or 9 years of age, came on the TV screen. He was a handsome fellow, but his eyes caught me, so I was listening. Oprah asked him what he thought he had been born to do in this lifetime. He took a big deep breath, and said, to help people find their loving selves. To find and express the unconditional love from God. I sat there ….watching him say these loving words, and then quietly said, Thank you God for sending him to us.!!

How many of us stop and think about how loving we can be today?

In a conversation with someone, can you take a few moments before responding and say, How can I say this in a loving way?

Do you ever ask yourself why you are so emotional about a certain topic? So emotional to the point that you would violate someone elses free will!!!

Because someone differs with you….that is their right.

I am very much against guns. I do believe in ethical hunting, but other than that….why have a gun. If it is my time to pass over the veil…it is my time!! I welcome that!!

Be loving as you can to all things that have life. That includes plants, animals, the water, people, etc. You will feel better the more loving and compassionate you are.

Dana G Hardy, MS
Copywrite 2013

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