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The Reiki Angel of Healing

July 8, 2011dghardy 1 Comment »

In 1998 I left a 31 yr marriage. Remarkable! In 1999 I became attuned to Reiki I and two months later quit smoking. I had began smoking at age 18, and in 1999 was smoking 2 1/2 to 3 packs a day! I prayed, meditated, and in my mind asked for help to quit smoking. […]

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The Inner Child

February 3, 2011dghardy 21 Comments »

Most of us have read or heard something about “our inner child”.  As a Spiritualist and Healer I am receiving more frequent messages about the neccessity for all of us to address repressed emotions that are stored with ‘our inner child”.  These are cell memories in the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies of all […]

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Past Life Karma

February 10, 2010dghardy 5 Comments »

Every time she saw him, she felt physically uncomfortable.  Her skin would shiver and feel scratchy, sometimes breathing would be difficult, so  she would cough to open up the breathing pathway to her lungs. If ever in a social setting with this individual, Jane realized a strong desire to sit opposite or as far away as possible. To think about […]

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All is in Divine Order

January 16, 2010dghardy 2 Comments »

What does this mean, “All is in Divine Order”. As a young adult, periodically I would hear this stated or read it in a article or book. I knew then what Divine meant, but in truth I did not comprehend Divine Order. A full comprehension of those words did not come easily to me. Even as […]

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