The Change of Seasons

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I live in NE Ohio. I have been blessed to live in several parts of the United States in this lifetime and will always remember how I missed not living in the Fall Time when I lived in Carlsbad CA.

The season currently is Fall–Autumn….pre winter….whatever you wish to call it. But it is colorful. It is filled with change and joy.

I observe some of the animals taking time to leave this space and go to warmer areas such as many birds. I am blessed to watch some animals such as the squirrels and chipmunks storing up food for the winter.

The sun and the moon — times they are apparent are different.

Is change a challenge for you? It is for many people. But change ….if we allow it…can bring growth.

May you all experience the change and accept the growth.

Love and Light,

The Mental Word

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So often we act on a thought with out even realizing we are reacting vs responding.

So what is the difference between reacting and responding.  Responding is when we are in control of our emotions and aware of our thought patterns to the best of our ability.  We all have subconscious and unconscious thoughts and memories that we respond to.  But also react to.

Reacting is when we allow our emotions to take control of our thoughts, perceptions, and belief patterns.  And then we react without being patient, taking time to understand the situation.  And we usually regret what we react to.

The mental word is the mental thought.

It is something we have in our made based on experiences, learned behaviors, and observations while we judge those observations.  Be cautious how you process the mental word.

Take time, breathe, take a walk, listen to some soothing and relaxing music.

Love and Light,

Dana G Hardy MS, Reiki M/T

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Paula Deen Controversary

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In the past few days there has been a great deal of pro and con reference Paula Deen.

If you read my posts here, you know that I am firm believer in All is in Divine Order. Paula is a very sweet lady…and a very hard worker….and came up from being poor to being a multi-millionaire. She has stated…”I WORRY about loosing my money.” So it is happening. Her thought processes have created that reality. She is loosing a great deal of her potential income.

Hopefully though she has put some of her millions in savings. Hopefully though….she will get into personal therapy and address the fears she has, and why she is truly making degrading comments.

I have viewed on Facebook pro and con statements about her. The majority of the ones that are pro…are from the South.

Oh my gosh….I used to live in the South…for many many years. What does that say about some Southerners…..

I do not dislike Paula…but I do dislike her approach to people that are ‘different’ than her. I honestly believe she does not realize how her words are affecting some people.

Paula…if by some miracle you reaD THIS…..please no more TV interviews…and get personal therapy.

Love and Light,
Dana Hardy
Copy write 2013

Past Lives and why Regress to them?

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So often this question is asked of me by individuals that are searching within themselves.

Past lives hold information about what our purpose in this lifetime may be about. Like why am I drawn to certain types of work. Why do I prefer being with certain types of people, even though some of them are not healthy for me. Why do I have a fear about falling, a fear about heights, a fear of water, have problems breathing….and these fears can go on and on. But are almost always answered during a past life regression session.

If I get a past life regression, will I be able to find the answers I want? Not always. It depends upon your spiritual teachers, spiritual guides, and guardian angles decide are ready and able to address in your current state of your current life.

If you are wondering about a Past Life Regression (PLR)…..reach out and access someone near you and make an appointment. It can be so rewarding to you.

Love & Light,


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Some people are very concerned about finding out that their cell and home phone numbers have been able to be accessed by the US Government.

How do I as a US American feel about this. No problem. Because I kinow that in truth nothing is private….

Why do we have or desire privacy?

Is it an illusion when those of us that are spiritual KNOW full well…all of are ONE. So why thing private.

Privacy…an attempt to be delusional.

Love and Light,

the Cleveland Captives

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I was astonished last night to hear on local TV news that the attorney for Mr. Castro states he is not a monster, and will be giving a plea of not guilty. I have no doubt IF they are listening to the news….which I truly hope they are not, that Amanda, Gina, and Michelle have some strong input to that statement.

It goes thru my mind….and my heart….does money buy not guility? OJ Simpson paid mega dollars to his team of attorneys. The young lady in Az has been found guilty but her two attorneys have reaped 1.3 million dollars from Az to defend her. Is this what is going to happen to this defense team?

How do you feel about this?

I know each victim is better off to reach forgiveness …not for the offender….that is up to them to seek forgiveness….but for the peace they so finally deserve in and for themselves.

I live in the Greater Cleveland area….so this happening has touched me deeply. Because it is my home area. But friends….we are all living in areas that have situations like this.

I am sad for these young ladies and the torture they have MOST DEFINITELY gone thru. I send them love every morning in my prayers.

I also send prayers to the thousands and thousands of individuals who are still missing.

Dana G Hardy
Copywrite 2013

Newtown, Congress, and NRA

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How do we as Citizens reconcile ones desire to own a gun for safety, or hunting to feed our family with the need to keep guns out of the hands of one whom is for whatever reason out of control of themself.  Limit …  reduce their access to guns.  And that means our loved ones.  Would you, knowing your young adult, or even child had ‘issues” allow them access to a gun.  Adam’s Mother had to know his struggles in life.  But yet, she gave him a gift certificate to purchase fire arm for his Christmas gift from her.  That gift contributed to the loss of 27 lives….her’s included.

We as human beings can help all the world by being more involved in those that trust and look up to us.  Role model loving behaviors.  Someone in my family whom I love dearly has a problem with lying.  They learned it well from their father.  What I role model is the essential nature of being truthful and why.  Have I lied.  YES…Do I reget it…oh my gosh bigtime regret.

THE NRA is very biased in their approach… Congress….they are looking at the DOLLAR.  Not what is best for our World.

I support totally any behavior that enhances love, sharing, giving, and no greed.





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PLR means Past Life Regression. I do many of these in my holistic practice. Some of my clients are elated at the information disclosed to them that is of benefit. Others are frustrated that what they wished to come forward did not.

I share their disappointment. that what they desired did not come forth. But is that because of a problem with the PLR? No it is not. The lack is because it is not time for them to know, they are not ready to know, or they refuse to know why the information they desire is not coming forth for them.

Know this……what you can handle….decided by you and your Soul….is what will come forth.

Love and Light,


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I am a Pacifist and very proud of it. Yes I am EGO involved, sad to say. But I am proud to say, I do not believe in anything that is NOT ETHICAL killing. I am also against capitol punishment and corporal punishment. I have watched many hours of TV about Souls who are in prisons and jails. I have a friend awaiting a grand jury decision as to whether he is bound over for trial. He will and should be. He helped in the murder of a Soul. Then I looked at a picture of a friend’s living room….on the wall were several animal heads. Made me sick.

Friends…..let us walk a pathway of love….unconditional love as God has taught us to walk.

Let us open our hearts to all.

Dana Hardy, MS
Copywrite, 2013


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I had taped a Sunday show by Oprah because she was talking about being Spiritual. At the beginning of the show….a young man, about 8 or 9 years of age, came on the TV screen. He was a handsome fellow, but his eyes caught me, so I was listening. Oprah asked him what he thought he had been born to do in this lifetime. He took a big deep breath, and said, to help people find their loving selves. To find and express the unconditional love from God. I sat there ….watching him say these loving words, and then quietly said, Thank you God for sending him to us.!!

How many of us stop and think about how loving we can be today?

In a conversation with someone, can you take a few moments before responding and say, How can I say this in a loving way?

Do you ever ask yourself why you are so emotional about a certain topic? So emotional to the point that you would violate someone elses free will!!!

Because someone differs with you….that is their right.

I am very much against guns. I do believe in ethical hunting, but other than that….why have a gun. If it is my time to pass over the veil…it is my time!! I welcome that!!

Be loving as you can to all things that have life. That includes plants, animals, the water, people, etc. You will feel better the more loving and compassionate you are.

Dana G Hardy, MS
Copywrite 2013